Making a good impression

Back at the Hummingbird having a cup of tea. Just sorting through my paperwork.

Over on the shelf were some leaflets. One was bright colours: pink, blue, yellow, green. I picked one up. It was advertising auditions for the Dursley Carnival, July 15th. 

I rang Wayne Pace, the organiser, and was given a date for my audition.

Now it was time for me to have a dress rehearsal at home. Mike and Tom (our cockatiel) were my audience. I did my impression of Donald Duck. Mike and I had a good laugh. I had some strange looks from Tom.

The audition day approached. We caught the bus into Dursley. I had my toy Donald Duck with me.

My audition was for 13:30. There were a few children there. They were doing their dance routine and the judges had to choose a King or Queen. These auditions started the week before.

Then it was my turn. I sat in a chair and made conversation with Donald Duck and the judges.

I was very nervous. I was told to wait for a callback.

Within three weeks I was told I didn't go through, sadly. I was glad of the experience though and I did a good impression!!!

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I believe they are starting to organise Dursley Festival 2018 already so hopefully 'Donald Duck' will be in the parade next year!

Fiona Community... replied 1 year ago

Sorry to hear you didn't get through but glad it was still a good experience!

Roz replied 1 year ago

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