Friday, 22 September 2017 - 5:30pm

Chantry Centre
Long Street

The Ideas Evening was last Friday at the Chantry Centre, Dursley. Fiona and Ben organized that evening. Posters were placed around the Dursley/Cam areas. It was suggested everybody should bring a plate of food to share. Lots of sausage rolls, cake and biscuits were on the table. Alongside a cup of tea and coffee.

Ben began the evening by welcoming us all. He went onto say if you have an idea to suggest, the World Jungle don't take it on as their job and not to arrange for the individual. The World Jungle will help with you fill out a form for a Small Sparks Grant worth £250. There must be at least (4) four people interested involved in your group

Around the tables were something from the Council and the recent Barnwood Trust book, 'Building Belonging'. I'm in this book on page 24/25 titled Story Teller with other Social Reporters from different areas. The Independence Trust were also there talking about what they do at the Tyndale Group, Weavers Croft and the Stroud Independence Group, Invisible Illness from the GL11 Project described what is involved and the Gardener from the Chantry Centre spoke of how the garden at the Chantry Centre began.

I had come with the idea for a Dursley Radio and formed a group of interest, another suggestions were to have an Art and Writing Class. I showed a lot of interest in both of these. Fran said about a Board Games session. Fiona commented that I had come up with that idea already. (Fiona and I are going to discuss this next week).

The evening came to a close at 20.00. A very enjoyable evening by all, thank you to Fiona and Ben. Now we have to start putting our ideas into motion.

I helped Fiona and Ben with the washing up.


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