Donald's Visit to the BBQ at St James Church

 Saturday 19th August was the Family BBQ at St James's Church with Messy Church.  Activities from Crazy Golf and painting stones.  With everything going on outside we hoped the sun would shine; compared to the day before was showery.  Lot's of people had started to arrive.

  Mummy helped me into my Donald Duck costume.  As we walked outside Canon Michael Cuzons walking in.  He was more than surprised.  I went onto tell him how I acquired my Donald Duck Costume from the Barnwood Trust.  It was one of my first meetings with the Social Reporters at Matson.  We had to take it in turns to introduce ourselves and say something we are good at.  That is when I did the impression of Donald Duck.  Everybody liked it.  I suggested I would like to raise funds, children's parties and go on other visits.

This is where Katie got in touch with Abi.  I met up with Abi within a fortnight later and we filled in the forms together.

Within the next fortnight I was sent through a Grant to get my Donald Duck costume.  My costume was ordered from Amazon and came from China.

Stepping outside all of the children came up to me and shook Donald's hand.  They were all excited.  Pictures were taken.  Canon Michael took my picture and promised to put it on the St James's Church Facebook.  More children came up to me and they asked me all sorts of questions.

The BBQ was ready and we queued up for a burger in a roll and hot dogs.  Soft drinks were available on the other table.  For this part I had to take my Donald Duck mask off to eat.  My beak has only got small gap and food can't go down that way.

14.30 I had help with my Mummy to get out of my costume.

Ever so pleased everything went well and Canon Michael was even more pleased.

It remained sunny throughout the afternoon.

During the Sunday Service Canon Michael did his sermon and he mentioned he met up with Donald Duck at the Family BBQ and that Donald Duck can now been found on the St James's Church Facebook page.  That made me feel really good inside; knowing I made that impact with the children and families.

Watch out and Donald Duck shall be about...........

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