Cardboard City

I popped into our local library in Dursley on Saturday, 8th April and there was a family fun day with Cardboard City going on. This started at 10am and ran till 4pm.

Amy Rose was in charge of this project which was being held in the Children's Zone area. Fiona from World Jungle joined me and we talked to Amy, Sarah and Alex. Alex is doing his Duke of Edinburgh Awards at the Bronze level. Working in the library is for his Voluntary section.

Many children began arriving and getting stuck in with making a city from cardboard. There was a variety of buildings from shops, houses on a cul-de-sac, castle, power station, Pizza Palace, skateboard park and many more. It was really good fun watching them using their imagination and some lovely designs were made on the boxes. Sticky tape was used instead of glue and left- and right-handed scissors were available to use. There were a few left-handed children, I did notice.

One of the lads suggested they should have some power lines connecting to the power station. This was made with the red tape folded in half.

Before I left, the Children's Zone area had to be extended into the library. More children were coming to join in.

I have written this account as Dursley Social Reporter with the World Jungle.

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Molly, Unfortunately got no pictures that day and would like to thank you for your nice comments.

Jigsaw piece replied 1 year ago

This sounds really fun! Coopers Edge are hoping to do something similar. Have you got any pictures of the cardboard towns?

Molly Sutcliffe replied 2 years ago

You have really captured the fun of the event

Fiona Community... replied 2 years ago

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