hi I'm Stephanie I love dancing and meeting new people would love to meet new friends. I don't go out much because of my anxienty and my confidence is low but would love to hear people's stories and get out Abit more. I have a little boy he's 4 and have a dog he's very lively and very excitable. He's still only a puppy. If u would like to meet up and have coffee somewhere or start off with that be great thanks 

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Hi Stephanie. I actually live in monmouth now but I'm a coleford girl. And I'd love to meet up so we can walk our dogs or for a coffee as I need to make new friends in the area

Emma Maddox Was... replied 3 years ago

Hi Stephanie

Unfortunately I have a really busy week next week and will not be around. Just in case you want to pop in to the dance class up at Broadwell. You can check out the Facebook page www.facebook.com/LVCFitness. The teacher's name is Lisa and you can contact her on 07909 755222, Fitsteps, Fitness Pilates and Balletfit. Good luck. Get in touch in a couple of weeks I can at the moment do Thursday 13th?? We will meet! :)

Penny replied 3 years ago

I can do Monday at 1ish if that's ok thanks

Stephanie Jones replied 3 years ago

No problem. What time would you like to meet?

Penny replied 3 years ago

Hi penny I'm very sorry but I can't do tomorrow as I need to go doctors at that time and was wondering if u can do Friday instead of tomorrow sorry it's short notice :)

Stephanie Jones replied 3 years ago

Hi Stephanie. Would love to meet up at Cafe Sixteen in Bank Street in Coleford. Would you be around next Wednesday afternoon (28th September) at around 2 pm? Could just have a coffee and cake.

Kind regards


Penny replied 3 years ago

Hi penny so good to hear from you. I would love to meet you and start ballet is that like a dancing class not really in to ballet but I can give it a go :) we can meet in a cafe if u like I can bring my husband as he's my career you see with me to the cafe just so I don't get anxious but after when I meet you few times I be fine in my own :) thanks Steph

Stephanie Jones replied 3 years ago

Hi, I'm Penny and I work for the Barnwood Trust at our office in Coleford. I have just started a fantastic ballet-fit class locally and if you fancy meeting up in Coleford either here or in a cafe, just contact me on my emailpenny.hulbert@barnwoodtrust.org

Penny replied 3 years ago

Hi ceri thanks for replying back to my messages. Where bouts are you from I don't mind traveling as long as u don't live miles away lol I know Wesley keeps me safe when we go walking and don't make me feel anxious he does make me anxious when he jumps up at people lol cookie is a nice name. Do u have Fb u can add me on there if u like and we can video chat and have cuppa online haha that be good Steph

Stephanie Jones replied 3 years ago

Hi Stephanie, I wish I lived nearer, I adore puppies and would love to meet up. If ever I'm up your way I'll shout.
I have a ginger cat, Cookie and he helps me when I'm feeling anxious, I just wish he was more portable!
Hope someone local responds :)

Ceri replied 3 years ago

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