Bee Keeper, Carpenter.

I come from Wales, Ceredigion, and started learning the art of keeping bees some twenty years ago. for ten years i started with two collenys to then create 14 colleny within 5 years. these i produced 450 lbs of honey and gave some to friends then sold the rest. At this time the idea of Migration  had not crossed my mind. to be able to move some of my collenys to where there is forage, and the sun shines so my bees can be active instead of being hive bound cause its happens to be raining where my main Apiary is. Which I plan to have in the forest of dean. So when we have the sun, I can then bring them back, built up so as to have enough foragers to then give us enough honey so i can take some off to Jar up and sell... the spring build up is so important.Then mid summer Bees can also be sold as well as Queens.

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