Bee Keeper, Carpenter.

I have come to the area to start a Bee Keeping Buisness. I am hoping to get a grant from Barnwood Trust as well as funding from a job I hope to get. At the moment its winter time so the wrong time of year to start this kind of thing, but come spring i will be hoping to buy Nuc's which comprise of a small cardboard or wooden box, with enought bees and a Queen to start a colleny. 20 collenys to start, then by the end of the summer I am able to breed enough bees to make 50 collenys, which gives me enough variaty of strains to then breed from my own stocks. I am a Bee Keeper of some 15 years and wish to be back Keeping bees as its such a wonderfull thing. Also all aspects from selling Nuc's and honey, from queen rearing to bees wax production.

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Any help with getting this enterprise off the ground would be truley appeciated. I am new to the area and love the forest of dean and plan to eventually create an Viable Buisness.

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Carlos replied 2 years ago

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