At the Main Place drop-in today....

Loads happening at the Main Place drop-in today.

Jay went on a trip to Sudeley Castle with the Bingo group yesterday and reported back: "We did a lot of walking. There were ruins and gardens and some sculptures to look at - one of a past queen who had stayed there. The stained glass windows in the little church were very nice too."

Community Reporter, Sharron, talked about her campaign to get disabled people into Lloyds Pharmacy in Lydney as it has steps front and back. "People should have a choice as to where they want to shop and steps should not dictate that", she said. She has taken the issue to her local MP to see if things can be changed.

Drop-in regular, Tim, has spent the morning colouring. He has brought an amazing selection of felt tips and gel pens with him.

We've also been entertained by a baby squirrel chasing blackbirds and sneaking food from the bird feeder in the garden. 

There's talk about the upcoming 'Sausage and Cider' festival in Coleford and a music festival later in the year.

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