The Bothy Community Builders gettogether in Cirencester

. The group comes together once every month and enables local residents who are in some way involved or want to be involved in the building of a more welcoming community. The meeting at The Bothy in Ashcroft Road enables local residents to come together and have their voices and ideas heard. At the same time it helps people to come out of their comfort zones and meet new people in a safe environment. 

The group is planning an ideas stall at the Fleece Fair on Monday May 1st in the Market PlaceThe Fleece Fair and Maypole Dancing, as part of the Abbey 900 celebrations, it's a full day of entertainment for all ages, and all community groups, recognising the importance of the wool trade to the wealth of the Abbey. There will be a Medieval Fair, Morris Dancing, and lots more fun! 

Corinium Radio will record some of the events and create a legacy log of memories. 

(The group meets again on Tuesday March 28th at 4pm at the Bothy and everyone who would like to get involved is welcome.)

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Thanks Oliver, great to see this on here

Maureen replied 2 years ago

Thanks Oliver - shared on the YW Facebook page here:

Marc Griffiths replied 2 years ago

Thanks for sharing Oliver. Great to see so much energy in Cirencester.

Richard Holmes replied 2 years ago

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