Poulton Wellbeing Group hosted Spoon Carving

On Wednesday 1st March 2017 Poulton Wellbeing Group (run by Brenda & Pete Dyson) launched a green wood work addition to the activities by hosting a Spoon Carving event at their new premises in Poulton. 

Wayne Sequoia, a talented young woodsman who has brought Spoon Carving into the public eye, held the event with participants showing off their handiwork. (See photo)

The Spoon Carving was well received and is hoped to be held again at some point in the future. 

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Lovely to see and read about this, sorry I missed it

Maureen replied 2 years ago

Cool! Thanks Oliver - I shared this on the You're Welcome Facebook page here http://bit.ly/2kvttUy

Marc Griffiths replied 2 years ago

Fantastic I love spoon carving

Dangermouse replied 2 years ago

Sounded like a great activity - would love to have been there!

Katie Elliott replied 2 years ago

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