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Hi all 

            My name is Amanda and am based in cirencester area. For while now have been thinking about the lack of awareness for people who suffer with mental health issues. I know from my own experiences that there just isn't the right help out there. I fought for yrs to get help and it really only in last couple yrs that I feel am on the way to recovery and getting the help that I need.

  I was wondering if there was a private group set up, where people whom struggle with mental health issues could come and chat and get advice would people use it?  What are peoples opinion?  I feel so passionately about this issue and I don't want to just sit back and do nothing. 

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Hi Amanda!
Great to find you on here :)
Would you be interested in a private group on this site too - as a way of connecting with people in different parts of the county who are interested in the idea? I know that sometimes people can sometimes find it easier to connect online than in person, so it might reach different people but still be useful?

Katie Elliott replied 2 years ago

Hi Maureen yes I can write bout it but will do so another day....

Amanda SJ Mcgui... replied 2 years ago

is it something you can write about Amanda ?

Maureen replied 2 years ago

Well something has happened this evening which has made Me more aware that something needs to change in mental health services.....

Amanda SJ Mcgui... replied 2 years ago

Hi dangermouse really think ur idea could be way forward. I was thinking maybe setting up a group online. Nothing seems to have taken off as such yet. Mind u been going through few things in my life at mo, so now maybe not best time. Need to be in stronger place myself. I think poster idea could work and it certainly something would explore more.....

Amanda SJ Mcgui... replied 2 years ago

Sounds a great idea Dangermouse, what do you think Amanda?

Maureen replied 2 years ago

I find the best way to get the community to respond to a group is to put yourself out there, not always in person as some are not comfortable with that, but make flyers stick them in shop windows local cafes that sort of thing,even on church notice boards. If the see it they know they are not alone and that is half of the battle.
Just remember to make the flyer friendly and colourful so it feels like a great place to meet and make new friends as well as to get the help they might need . X

Dangermouse replied 2 years ago

Hi Maureen have no idea who else would be up for this? This was kind of reason for this post. There has got to be some way of reaching out to my local community but as yet nothing has come to light.

Amanda SJ Mcgui... replied 2 years ago

Hi Amanda
great to see you doing something about an issue you feel so strongly about. Just wonder who else you could talk to who might be up for it?

Maureen replied 2 years ago

Totally agree with you Amanda. Shall we try and set something up. Perhaps do a post on here to see who else is interested?

cirensocialreporter replied 2 years ago

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