Introducing the new Cirencester Social Reporter...

My name is Oliver Stevenson. I'm 34 years old and registered blind. I have some vision in my right eye and have a guide dog called Yorkie. 

My role is Social Reporter for Barnwood Trust which involves meeting various groups in my local area and reporting on what is happening.

If you are looking to promote something that is happening in the Cirencester area then message me and I'll do my best to spread the word.

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Hi Brenda

I feel terrible because I've not replied until now.

I had a lovely time coming to see you and would love to come again and maybe be more helpful next time.
You're very kind to say those nice things about me. If I'm honest with you I'm so taken with it and feel it's like you say, it's the perfect role for me.
Oliver (& Yorkie)

cirensocialreporter replied 2 years ago

Hi Olly. It was so enjoyable to have you and Yorky with us yesterday. Thanks for joining us, please come again.
Cirencester is very blessed to have you as a social reporter. Perfect job match, and I feel sure we'll see lovely things happening because of you.

Brenda and Pete’s picture

Brenda and Pete replied 2 years ago

Hi Sally
It has been a very long time.
I'm really enjoying taking on this role and having something meaningful to do.
How are you keeping?

cirensocialreporter replied 2 years ago

Hi Olli, haven't seen you for ages. It's great you're taking on this role. Thank you. Let's hope it gets really busy! Sally

Sally Byng replied 2 years ago

Thanks Maureen. Sorry you couldn't make it today. See you soon Olli

cirensocialreporter replied 2 years ago

Great to see you on here Olli and hearing about what's going on

Maureen replied 2 years ago

Thanks Richard, Thanks Philip - it's great to be on board!

cirensocialreporter replied 2 years ago

Good luck and have fun!

Philip Booth replied 2 years ago

Nice one Oliver - good to have you on board. :-)

Richard Holmes replied 2 years ago

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