Guide Dog "Guide"

Guide Dog Guide

This article is some basic rules to follow. 

Whenever you see someone with a Guide Dog you should never go up to the dog and distract it. Whether that be by petting the dog or even talking to it. If the dog has the harness on and the owner is holding the handle then the dog is working. Even if the dog is laid down and the owner is not holding the handle you should ALWAYS ask the owner before attempting to interact with the dog. 


Offer assistance to a guide dog owner if you think they are struggling. 

Speak to the owner and not the guide dog. 

Respect the wishes of the guide dog owner. 


Distract a guide dog while they're working.

Try to feed a guide dog. 

Play with or tease the guide dog.

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Thanks Ollie. Good to have it so clearly written.

On another slightly creature related question.... Can you tell me how to use Twitter? I know it's probably obvious to most people !!

Maybe see you on Wednesday.

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Brenda and Pete replied 3 years ago

Really good to read your advice - have often wondered about this, thank you!

Katie Elliott replied 3 years ago

Helpful advice, thank you,

Maureen replied 3 years ago

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