Drop in at Library led to skittles at the Jubilee Club

This months Drop In at the library in Cirencester was very well attended and when the group mentioned they were playing skittles after, I couldn’t resist going along to the Jubilee Club (Ashcroft Road) with them to have a look!

They seemed very organised with each player putting the skittles back up after their turn.

I have to say I didn’t participate, mainly for the safety of the others but I did join them with a glass of coke  

A lovely afternoon had by all! 

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That around afternoon sounded fun. I must admit I am not a good at skittles.
Mike my partner had his own skittle team in Lydney many years a go and recent years he was in the Dursley Moose my uncle Royston's team in Dursley.

Jigsaw piece replied 1 year ago

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