Community Building At Arm's Length

After spending over a year in the Cirencester area, my focus has moved to now spending time working alongside the community building closer to Gloucester. It’s been quite a transition. 

Cirencester was ‘my patch’ - walking round the streets, bumping into people I knew, meeting people for coffee and catch ups about the community building, visiting the places where community were coming together, the web of connections between people got thicker and thicker, it felt like home.


These days I’m going over there once a month at most. Things change. They are digging up the Market Place; one favourite meet up place, the Cake House has closed down; there are people who have moved away; new community groups are forming. But the connections are still there. I still get texts/calls from people with new ideas for projects or wanting to talk things through. When I go back, (and get used to the things that have changed!), I find the relationships are still there, it’s like seeing old friends.

So what’s happening now? The short answer is - lots of things and I don’t know about half of them! Every month or so, I meet up with a group of people who have been involved in community building, some of them from the start in 2015.  

We share stories and dilemmas and drink tea together and we’re looking at options for the future – 

·       Core gift interviews - (A way to discover the unique gift each of us has to help others, our primary purpose in the world) 

·       Explore community spaces opportunities in the area

 ·       Organise an Ideas Fair

 ·       Explore ABCD, (Asset Based Community Development) workshop?

 ·       Could there be a Cirencester small sparks panel? (local residents administering a pot of money for local community groups)

 Who knows what else will start to grow in Cirencester?

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Loa Tze 'Go to the people, live among them, learn from them, love them. Start with what they know, build on what they have, but of the best leaders when their task is done the people will remark 'We have done it ourselves'"

Richard Holmes replied 2 years ago

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