Cirencester's Community rallies around to help homeless

On the night of Tuesday 7th February, a group of Homesless people living rough in Cirencester had their tent set on fire by an unknown person. Thankfully nobody was seriously hurt but the police have taken the incident very seriously. 

The guys were taken in for the night while the police investigated the incident. This meant they had a safe place to stay for the night

The story featUred on ITV's West Country news and features in the Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard newspaper. 

I often sit with the guys and the level of support by the Cirencester community has been overwhelming. 

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Yes, some very decent people about Maureen.

I believe they have been helped with a tent Katrina.

cirensocialreporter replied 3 years ago

Out of a very sad story, its good to hear that Ashcroft Church stepped in to help out. The acts of kindness and the fact so many people are outraged that this could happen shows the humanity of the community.

Maureen replied 3 years ago

I am really shocked by this. Do you know if they need a new tent?

katrina brown’s picture

katrina brown replied 3 years ago

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