Every Sunday evening at the Countess Lilias Community Hub in Chesterton, Cirencester, you'll find people of all ages having a fantastic time playing bingo.

"It's the companionship", people told me when I asked what they liked most about the group. Others commented on how well the group is run, the fun atmosphere and the great prizes on offer each week.

The group was started nearly a year ago by Julie, Wendy, Millie, Maggie, Sue and Mel in response to local people asking for something to do. They won a Small Sparks Grant to cover basic costs but were soon raising enough money of their own to start helping other local groups and lay on outings for the community. 

Members of the bingo group at the Jubilee Club taught the Chesterton team how to call the bingo, and when their bingo machine broke a little while ago they shared equipment. 

The sessions attract a mixture of local residents and people from The Beeches. They are popular with single parents who like the fact that they can bring their children along and have an evening out together. The group is so popular that one person regularly travels all the way from Gloucester!

Countess Lilias Bingo group meets every Sunday at 7pm - all welcome!

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Lovely to see so many of you having fun together!

Maureen replied 2 years ago

What a fantastic way to bring everyone together at the weekend. The photos are great fun. I will be sharing the idea around the Cam and Dursley area.

Fiona Community... replied 2 years ago

That is fantabulous. Great that kids can go to.

Dangermouse replied 2 years ago

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