Finding my Inner Chi

I have to confess that Tai chi is something that I have been very interested in trying to help me with my anxieties and pain that comes with it, so this ‘Small Sparks’ application is a programme that I found to be very interesting.

I wanted to go and see the benefits of this form of exercise and to see how it can help people of all ages and abilities. Plus I had made the decision that I would also take part this activity; and for the first time in my ‘social reporting’ role I had managed to have my official photographer in front of the lens so everyone can see the team for the first time.

The class is taught in Hanover Association which is the home of twenty people who qualify for extra care due to their health and age, it is also taught once a week but believe me the group are a very friendly and welcoming bunch and they are all willing to share their experience with how Tai Chi has improved their quality of life.

Jean has been doing Tai Chi for seven years and is now at the age of 82 says ‘I always feel better after every single session. It can all be done in a chair and I have been following Trevor’s group for the past seven years.’

As I spoke to her I could clearly feel that of Tai Chi has benefited her and improved her quality of life by an immeasurable scale. She was not the only one who feels this way as these sessions of Tai Chi have benefited the quality of life of dementia patients and stroke victims just to name a few.

Jean also told me that in her opinion and what had happened in her own experience was that after a while medical help gets taken away and you often get told that you can’t do what you want to do. With Tai Chi she was told for the first time that she CAN and with this freedom in her mind, movement also became possible to the body once again and now she can move more freely and she leads a much improved quality of life with more freedom in body and soul. She also believes ‘Chi’ has helped in her recovery and who are we to disagree with that?

As the pictures will show I did take part in some of the session and it was very easy and enjoyable. I really like the fact that some of the movements get given a funny name and I was a huge fan of the ‘custard pie.’

Trevor has been teaching these classes for many years and has a back catalogue of stories to say these sessions are vitally important to the health and wellbeing of so many people and he said ‘You’re never too young or too old to start learning Tai Chi’ and I have to agree. The first session was a little taster for me and I have to admit I will be looking into doing more in the future. I wonder if my photographer will agree that we really did enjoy this visit.

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A very good way of investing the 'Small Sparks' programme to benefit everyone.

Cyril Bunt replied 5 years ago

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