Food Forest Creation

I plan to create a Food Forest consisting of fruit trees and bushes.

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I love this idea we should all be doing it. Fantastic look forward to your updates

Brendon O'Donnell replied 6 months ago

"A Forest Garden is a place where nature and people meet halfway, between the canopy of trees and the soil underfoot. It doesn't have to look like a forest -what's important is that natural processes are allowed to *unfold to the benefit of plants ,people and other creatures. The result is an edible ecosystem". (Tomas Remiarz)
*Unfold; through the practitioners knowledge of design & 'intuitive' application - its all about merging with what we have set before us carefully observing and 'interfering' in a positive way, where we experience, not separation, but oneness with our creation. A garden vision that we set in motion. It's an invitation for nature to unfold in the best possible way, serve up cosmic and earthly production.

Yinka Lawal replied 6 months ago

Starting January 2018.

Yinka Lawal replied 6 months ago

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