Come to Cheltenham drop-in!

Alan comes to the drop-in twice a week to chill out, use the computer and chat to people. We asked him about life in Cheltenham. He says:

"There are good people here. Cheltenham is small but there's a lot to do. There are pubs, a bowling alley, cinema, a nice park and a friendly drop-in upstairs above the children's library."

Pav works at the drop-in. He says: "I really like meeting new people and having a good banter. I have worked here for two years."

Other drop-in regulars say that they like coming in to socialise and that there's a great community here. There are lots of popular activities to get involved with such as bowling, pool and swimming.

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Thank you Alan.
I'm Alan, Can i ask where is this "drop in" as i live in Cheltenham and i am extremely interested in your blog page. Thanks Alan

Alan - replied 1 year ago

This place sounds a nice place to chill out. If I lived in Cheltenham I would come along. I live in the Cam/Dursley area. Perhaps I could come over sometime and meet you.

Jigsaw piece replied 1 year ago

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