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Blog post - Crochet, Coffee and Community

Added in Gloucester
As one of the newer Community Builders the past few months has been a learning curve for me.…
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Jane Griffiths 2 years ago

I love the story of the collective granny square blanket. What a lot of thought and care and a little bit of every member's talent sewn together!

Philip Booth 2 years ago

Great celebration of local groups; and yes like the challenge to get out of our comfort zones!

Richard Holmes 2 years ago

Brilliant Kat. I love the focus on welcoming those who sometimes get left out.

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Kat Gibson’s picture
Kat Gibson

2 years ago

Why have a meeting when you can have a party

Added in Gloucester
Why have a meeting, when you can have a party!   In our last community building blog, Philip…
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Katie Elliott 2 years ago

Love this! Might just have to 'borrow' the idea, thank you!

Philip Booth 3 years ago

Love the idea of mocktails designed by young people bringing folk together to look, think and act in their community...

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Richard Holmes’s picture
Richard Holmes

3 years ago