Tredworth high street stay away

Absolutely dreadfull street party taking place tomorrow.  The road will be closed for the day anyway so probably a godsend for anyone who is fortunate to live away from the area. Last year was full of crackheads and meat heads sat on just sat on the kerbside or blocking every shop entrance. The music was absolutely awfull and none of them are educated enough to know how to put rubbish in the bin when it is less than 5ft away. Its the day of the year I and many other residents dread most.

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And tell Sylvia Long (or Slyvia, according to the Citizen?) that local police are 'watchful'. Different 'interests' take priority in Tredworth, evidently...

Joe Kilker replied 3 days ago

The people to speak to about organising the event would be reached by and I emailed Karen Page on May 29th about an email I didn't get a reply to months previously. On May 31st, at 13.22pm, I happened to pass her on High Street, by the Vic, and she said she'd reply to my email after she 'got the boys settled'. Nothing since.

As I said, Karen Page seemed like a decent person, the sort that could get poached by one of the political parties as councillor material, but she was a let down in the end. At the beginning of this month, after getting the local post office to confirm that the TETRA meeting was taking place (despite a complete absence of advertising on the notice board I pushed the authorities to set up), I turned up at the Vic and was made to feel very unwelcome, of course, by Tony Ward, who turned up more than twenty minutes late himself. Karen Page was nowhere to seen, the whole time.

Put an event on people's doorsteps, and of course some people will come out to it, particularly for free food. Sad that it couldn't have been organised for the traditional location of Barton Street, since Sunday was picked this time, but from the moment Tony Ward was handed control of the neighbourhood partnership (now defunct), and now TETRA (soon to follow?), common sense went out the window.

Joe Kilker replied 3 days ago

Thank you for taking an interest. It would not be in anyone's interest for illegal activity to take place, I am sure that the local constabulary will be keeping a watchful eye on events. Let's hope that this community event organised by local residents runs smoothly. If you want to speak with one of the residents organising the party I could let them know?

Philip Booth replied 4 days ago

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